Google Play Store now accepts Paypal payments

Saqib Shah
May 16, 2014

Google has announced that its Play Store will now accept Paypal as a payment option on digital content – such as apps, games and audio-visual downloads.

The new payment option – which cannot be used to buy physical products such as devices and accessories – has been introduced in twelve countries including the US and UK.

Other regions include Ireland, Germany, Canada, France, Austria, Belgium, Finland, Italy, Netherlands and Spain.

Google’s move to work with Paypal has surprised many analysts, who essentially view the latter service as a competitor to Google’s similar Wallet payment option.

Nonetheless, Google wants to attract consumers and offering more payment options will undoubtedly help its cause.

Google also expanded its carrier billing programme today from seven countries to 24. Among the new countries are Singapore, Thailand and Taiwan and in many  of these countries, Google is working with at least two carriers to offer this service.


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