Google I/O 2014: LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live smartwatch are available to pre-order right now

Saqib Shah
June 26, 2014

Having announced the release of its Android Wear OS for wearables, the SDK of which is currently available for developers to download, Google made way for its wearables manufacturers to unveil their new smartwatches.

Consequently, it was revealed that the LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live will be the first Android wear smartwatches to be launched. Both devices are currently available to pre-order via the Play Store right now.

Although we’d already seen plenty of the LG G Watch, the Samsung Gear Live had been kept under wraps until quite recently.

Alas, the Gear Live disappointingly looks just like a Gear 2 – only instead of running that device’s Tizen-based OS, it runs on Android Wear.

Samsung, however, had previously stated that Android would remain its main business, so the new wearable shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise.

The Gear Live’s specs include a 1.2Ghz processor and a 1.63-inch AMOLED (320 x 320 pixels) screen. Officially, it measures up at  37.9 x 56.4 x 8.9 mm, and weighs in at 59 grams. The smartwatch comes with 4GB internal storage and 512MB RAM. Like the Gear 2, it also packs a heart rate monitor but unlike that device it doesn’t contain a camera.


LG’s G Watch, by contrast, has a 1.65-inch (280 x 280 pixels) display, 4GB storage and Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 400 processor (the same chip found inside a Galaxy S4 Mini). It measures  37.9 x 46.5 x 9.95mm and weighs a little more than Samsung’s at 63 grams. Ÿ

Storage on the LG device equals 4GB, with 512MB of memory. The 400mAh battery means it’s slightly larger than the Gear Live, which is a definite setback as size really does matter when it comes to wearables.

It’s IP67 dust- and water-resistant, hewn from stainless steel and paired with matching silicone bands – black for the Black Titan model and white for the White Gold one.


The Gear Live and LG G Watch are available to pre-ores in the US and UK right now, via the Google Play Store. The Samsung device will set you back £169 and the LG G Watch is £159.


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