Google and HP teaming up to bring Google Now to the workplace

Saqib Shah
August 14, 2014

Following in the footsteps of Apple and IBM’s enterprise partnership, Google and HP are teaming up to bring the former’s Google Now virtual assistant to the workplace.

According to The Information, Google’s Android team has been in talks with HP to create a mobile virtual assistant that will allow employees to get company information, financial data or product inventory stats from their device.

The idea is to apply the same question-answer format of a service like Google Now (or Apple’s Siri) to the enterprise sector. So instead of providing weather reports, traffic info and restaurant locations, the enterprise Google Now will offer company data.

It’s an area that Google has become increasingly interested in, particularly in the wake of the Apple-IBM partnership.

According to the report, HP originally wanted to work with Apple on the service, which was initially called “Enterprise Siri”. However, it’s likely these talks have been discontinued since the aforementioned announcement.

The Information adds that HP previously pitched Google the idea of building a Nexus phone for enterprise customers, complete with advanced encryption features. That idea was apparently rejected by then-Android boss Andy Rubin.

Neither Google nor HP have confirmed that Google Now will indeed be launched in the workplace.


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