Social news app Flipboard to integrate video advertising as of September

Callum Tennent
August 14, 2014

Flipboard, the most popular social news app on mobile, has announced that it is set to introduce video adverts. They’ll be integrated within the app on all platforms come September.

These video adverts will be displayed to all of Flipboard’s 100 million+ active users, and will most likely resemble the current, static, advertising structure. That is to say, ads will take over whole pages of your flipboard – hopefully there won’t be a minimum required time spent viewing them before you can skip past them (à la YouTube) though.

Iconic French fashion house Chanel is on board to be Flipboard’s first partnered advertiser.

Flipboard’s CEO Mike McCue said that advertising on the app is more effective than advertising on national television, according to results accrued by advertising analytics firm Nielsen. That’s of course based on the existing tap-to-view advertising – who knows what video could do for the platform.


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