Google Duo is rolling out today

Thomas Wellburn
August 16, 2016

Google has announced that their video calling service Duo will be rolling out today.

Google will today begin rolling out their video calling service Duo, with the first users expected to see it on the Google Play Store by 5:00 AM PST. You can register your interest for the app and receive a notification when it officially hits the store.

Duo is a video messaging application that’s clearly marketed as a competitor to Skype and Facetime. It allows one-to-one calling across different operating systems. Working in a similar manner to Allo, it utilises your phone number to find contacts and shows a live video preview of the caller before you pick up. Video resolutions up to 720p are supported, while calls can seamlessly transition between WI-FI and cellular networks.

Google Duo is yet another video calling application

Google came under a bit of criticism when they revealed Allo and Duo for further fragmenting their application market, with some believing that the company was creating a convoluted ecosystem. They were also accused of ignoring their current crop of apps and failing to improve them up to the standard of competitors such as iMessage.

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