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Emmy David
November 26, 2019

Phones are used online nowadays more than ever. Many users never consider using VPN (Virtual Private Network) on their phones and think they are only for desktops. That is not true as online hackers target anyone whose information is open and easy to exploit their way.

So, whether you are using an iPhone or Android mobile device, your security should come first before going online. It is worse if you frequently use public WiFi, which puts your data at risk from e-criminals. The majority of VPN service provider offers cross-platform for desktop, tablets, and mobile devices users. But below, you will find the best VPN Deals for mobile security that give users’ good speed, privacy, and security.


ExpressVPN is considered the fastest service provider that allows you to access any locked information online and stream your favorite TV programs. Also, if you are a movie person or mobile game, ExpressVPN will secure you throughout, and you will not need to fear about your activities getting eavesdropped. The installation process is easy, even for new users. The VPN boasts of 160 servers spread across 94 countries.

Among all mobile devices VPN’s, ExpressVPN does well in almost all categories that are from torrenting, streaming, and general browsing.


  • It is fast
  • It has a simple interface
  • It is easy to use
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • It is pricey
  • It has no kill switch


NordVPN is another simple but powerful VPN service provider for your mobile device. When you open it, it has few details that include the setup button, connect button, and a swipe to open the list of servers plus options. Also, it has a clean interface with a unique map in the background that you can utilize to choose specific regions.

The NordVPN is the best mobile VPN designed with Cybersec, which is free and gives you security and shields you from cyber threats, phishing, and malware. Cybersec functions like a content blocker, though it runs on a system level and not as a browser extension. And another big plus is working as an ad-blocker. This VPN also comes with specialty servers, including obfuscated options, double VPN, and other features including the best pricing deal.


  • It has inexpensive plans
  • Specialty servers
  • It has a malware protection
  • Blocks ads


  • It has no kill switch
  • Speed is inconsistent


VyprVPN is one of the easiest VPN that is easy to maneuver out there. It is designed with three buttons at the bottom of your phone screen, and they are handy when navigating between settings, server lists, and connection status. VyprVPN is comfortable to use even for a first-timer and feels perfectly easy.

However, server choices are limited, with a manual option to either choose or automatically select the fastest available. That is enough for an average user, though, and especially when you consider the number of setting that you can change. The pricing of the VPN is a little bit pricey, but you are given a 30-money back guarantee. VyprVPN may not be a strong suit for streaming, but download speeds are consistent. Another additional feature is the option for automatic activation on public networks.


  • Fast downloads
  • It has a kill switch
  • Gives you multiple VPN protocols


  • It has a low server count


The three VPN options are powerful enough to protect your mobile device while using it online. The listed VPNs have enough strength, and they have a very slight difference, and therefore, choosing any gives you the guarantee of securing your data and streaming with no fear.

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