Fruit Ninja arrives on WP8, but WP7 users will have to pay again

Jordan O'Brien
August 1, 2013

We’ve all enjoyed slashing fruit in the highly addictive Fruit Ninja game, although one thing we don’t enjoy is paying twice for the same thing.

After taking almost a year to launch on Windows Phone 8, Fruit Ninja is requiring that former Windows Phone 7 users cough up the money again if they want to download it on their shiny new WP8 device.

The new version does have a whole host of new features including HD graphics and quick resume, amongst other things, but I’m sure that this will leave a bitter taste in some users mouths.

Fruit Ninja won’t exactly break the bank, after all it costs just 79p, but that works out almost £1.50 when you combine the two downloads together.

If you want to download the game, then you can do so by clicking here or scanning the QR code below.


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