Free for PS Vita this April: Hotline Miami, MotoGP 13, Velocity Ultra and PixelJunk Monsters Ultimate HD

Callum Tennent
March 31, 2014

Sony really are spoiling you. There are four exceptional titles available to download  for free  on your PS Vita this April, providing you have a PlayStation Plus membership (which, at this point, you really should).

First of all we have two games for Europe, and probably the better two on offer. Hotline Miami is a unique, visceral, atmospheric, top-down pixel twitch-shooter (deep breath). If you somehow missed it on Steam for your desk or laptop, now’s your chance to get it on handheld. It’s incredibly difficult, but also a very rewarding, one-of-a-kind experience. Imagine if Nicolas Winding Refn’s Drive had a baby with the Jason Statham cult B-movie Crank and you’re somewhere in the ballpark.

MotoGP 13 is a lot more self explanatory. You’re a man racing on a bike, and attempting to do so faster than a lot of other men, also on bikes. It’s often lauded as possibly the most realistic racing simulator out there, regardless of number of wheels. If you like fast motors and unerring realism then it’ll be a sure hit – don’t let unfamiliarity with the sport put you off.

Fret not US Vita owners, there’s two top games for you as well. Velocity Ultra, the sequel to the well-received Velocity, is a classic bullet-hell title with a new-school edge. Its native-HD graphics look gorgeous on the Vita’s display, and it makes use of your handheld’s unique control setup – including touch screen. If you’re dedicated enough to own and actively use your Vita, chances are you’ve played a game like Galaga or Ikaruga at least once in your life – Velocity Ultra is the next evolution.

Finally, there’s PixelJunk Monsters Ultimate HD. It’s a tower defence game (wait, no, come back!) that’s actually worthy of your attention. The goal is a familiar one – protect your village from waves of bandits, collect rewards to upgrade your tower defence, repeat – but it’s the execution which makes PixelJunk so good. An adorable art style combine perfectly with an original score to create the zenith of the ‘where the hell did the last two hours go?’ time waster. It’s free – give it a go, you might be surprised.


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