Fallout Shelter update 1.2

Manny Pham
October 16, 2015

Bethesda Softworks has released a new update for their ever popular game Fallout Shelter. 

Update 1.2 will bring a host of new features to expand on the simulation game’s experience. To those who struggle to keep up with costs in the game, you’ll love the new Mysterious Stranger feature. Sadly he won’t blowing away raiders for you like in the mainline games, but he will throw some caps (in-game currency) your way randomly.

Sticking with finances, raiders who attack and enter your vault are now lootable after they are vanquished. As for those who have a full vault full of level 50 dwellers armed to their teeth, there is a new survival mode pitting you against the creatures from the wasteland.

On the technical side there have been some optimisations made, statistics are now tracked and most impressive of all there is now cloud support. Which means you can move your precious vault on to your tablet now.

iOS users get the best deal here as they will receive a new legendary dweller Piper from Fallout 4. Apart from her amazing stats, you’ll also get five free lunch boxes.

Fallout Shelter is available free on the App and Play Store. Check out the trailer.

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