EE’s 4G network extends to 12 more towns

Alex Walls
April 30, 2013

Everything Everywhere’s 4G network is now live in 12 more towns, bringing the total to 62.

The UK’s only 4G network currently, Everything Everywhere (EE) could have competition by the end of spring or early summer, according to Ofcom’s spectrum estimates.

EE said earlier this month that its 4G network had more than 300,000 customers since its launch, and that it intended to sign one million by the end of this year, with 70% of the population covered.

The towns most recently added include Blackpool, Brentwood and Dewsbury, and currently more than 50% of the population was covered, EE said.

EE chief executive Olaf Swantee said consumers and businesses in the UK used mobile internet more than any other market, and relied on it for long commutes.

“We’re committed to rolling out 4G to 98% of the population by the end of 2014, and that includes the double-speed 4G that will launch this summer.”

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