Edward Snowden’s favourite app now on Android

Manny Pham
November 3, 2015

Signal is an encrypted messaging and calls app released six months ago for iOS. 

Developer Open Whisper Systems are combining two existing apps, TextSecure and RedPhone, to bring Signal to Android phones. Signal users from iOS and Android can send messages to each other, and expect them to be fully encrypted, meaning Open Whisper Systems cannot monitor what you’re sending.

RedPhone users will be prompted to download Signal, whilst TextSecure adopters will just need to simply install an update. Signal works quite similarly to WhatsApp, and just like it, your phone number is required to set it up. But rest assured it will still be encrypted.

Still unsure? You can dig around the app’s code as it’s all open-source software. Not bothered to do that? Me neither. Well here’s a tweet from Edward Snowden giving his approval on the messaging app.

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Via The Verge.

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