Activision buys King Digital for $5.9 billion

Manny Pham
November 3, 2015

Activision has acquired King Digital for the fine sum of $5.9 billion or $18 per share. 

King Digital are known for their mega-hit game Candy Crush Saga, which has made the majority of the population addicts, £865 million ($1.3 billion) has been spent by the public for in-app purchases, in 2014.

In financial report in June, King Digital reported it brought in (figure via The Guardian) $206 million. Net profit declined 28% year-over-year. King Digital tried to carry on the success they’ve had with the release of Candy Crush Soda, it proved to be successful but couldn’t carry on the success of Saga.

Activision currently have no input in the smartphone gaming market but seems to be taking a further step than Nintendo in doing so. Nintendo had announced a while ago they will be developing mobile games with developer DeNa, now we have Activision acquiring probably the biggest mobile games developer in the world.

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Via Phone Arena. Image Via The Standard.


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