Dell laptop smells of urine, Dell confirms

Jordan O'Brien
October 30, 2013

If you’ve just got home and taken the Dell Latitude 6430u laptop out of the box, you may start getting a strong whiff of cat urine hit your senses — at least that’s according to many users who have taken to the Dell Support forum to voice their concerns.

If you’ve gone out and bought the Latitude 6430u then you may find that the smell is being described as ‘unbearable’ and that it ‘lingers’ on the palm of your hands.

To get rid of the smell users have tried a variety of different options, with one taking extreme measures and supposedly putting down his one year old cat — although we’d say the story is a bit far fetched, given he is also demanding a new cat, vet fees, letter of apology and payment for a divorce lawyer.

Dell has confirmed the terrible smell of the Latitude 6430u, and has already got a fix since the issue occurred earlier this year — all you need to do is contact Dell Technical Support and they will replace the palm rest. If you’re worried that in some way your health has been harmed by the problem, then do not, as the issue was apparently not caused by a feline and is ‘not a health hazard’.

Source: Dell
Via: The Next Web

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