Court appearance: Wimbledon 2015 emojis bounce around Twitter

Alex Yau
June 29, 2015

You can now express your excitement about Wimbledon 2015 on Twitter through a new set of emojis based on the annual tennis tournament. 

#Wimbledon will bring up a tennis racquet, whilst you can also tell all your Twitter followers where you’re watching the tournament. Locations include #TheQueue, #TheHill (Henman Hill) or #TheWorld (anywhere outside SW19).

Twitter says said it wants to make “a friendly battle of conversation” between fans wherever they are. More emojis will be made available as the tournament progresses.

Twitter and Wimbledon

The social media site knows it has an edge over Facebook and Instagram in terms of live sports. It’s also trying to use this advantage with Periscope and Vine. Twitter has previously introduced other custom emojis in the past. A few new emojis promoting the new Star Wars movie, the Force Awakens, popped up months ago.


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