CONFIRMED: The iPhone 6 will have a 4.7-inch display

Callum Tennent
May 7, 2014

The rumours have been flying around for a while now, as is always the way with upcoming Apple products, but today we finally have confirmation – the iPhone 6, or at least one variant of it, will have a 4.7-inch display.

Speculation has been in rather unanimous agreement over that figure for a couple of months now, although until today there hasn’t been any real proof. Fortunately for us, the Industrial and Commercial Times of Taiwan has revealed some rather pertinent information: Official Apple supplier Pegatron has received 15% of the company’s orders for the new device, and within those orders is specified the 4.7-inch diagonal display measurement.


This revelation comes with a further implication because, as the rumour of a 4.7-inch display has now been proven correct, it lends a lot more credence to the rumour of a 5.5-inch phablet version. The two sizes have gone hand-in-hand when speculating on the iPhone 6, so it might only be a matter of time until the supposed iPhablet is confirmed, too.

Production is scheduled to start within the next couple of months, with a release potentially as soon as September. We’ll certainly learn a little more at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in June.

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