Co-founder confirms OnePlus 3

Manny Pham
February 25, 2016

In an interview with Cnet Español, OnePlus co-founder says the OnePlus 3 will  be released at the end of Q2.

Pei did not disclose any information about the new device. It will be the Chinese company’s fourth device ever to be released. Pei hopes to “captivate” consumers with the new device in the way the OnePlus One did, it will also see a departure in design from the One Plus 2. The OnePlus 2 is OnePlus’ most successful device to date for the young company that only started in 2013.

OnePlus dubbed their devices as “flagship killers” boasting high-end specs on their devices with attractive low price tags. Pei confirms the device will be coming to the US and other markets after Q2. He did not say whether they will be scrapping the invite system completely but did confirm that there will be free shipping and payment with credit cards will not be accepted, oppose to using PayPal as was done with their previous devices.

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Via Cnet Español.

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