A bendable screen fit for your wrist

Manny Pham
February 24, 2016

British company FlexEnable showed off their new bendable screen at Mobile world Congress 2016.

A lot of the new smartphones we’ve seen at Mobile World Congress this year seem to be bending a new future. The Samsung Galaxy S7 and the Xiaomi Mi 5 are just a couple of the big names to be mentioned in this bend off we’re seeing at MWC. If future handsets bend any further, screens are prepared for it as FlexEnable has the technology. Currently FlexEnable doesn’t have anything for consumers to look at in regards to the bendable screen, but they do have an unnamed prototype. It relies on transistors to be bendable and the display is a new version of LCD called  OLCD (organic liquid crystal display). OLCD can output the same amount of quality as LCD and consume the same amount of power, according to the British firm.

The protoype also has fingerprint sensors, making the device’s versatility applicable on other products such as door handles. When can we see this technology out in the market and ready to buy? 18 months apparently. It feels that some more development is needed, 18 month seems like a short amount of time but it shows how fast screen tech is developing.

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