Channel 4 offer iOS and Android users offline viewing

Alan O'Doherty
July 26, 2013

Channel 4 is bringing the convenience of offline viewing to their mobile app. Android and iOS users will be able to download any shows broadcast over the past 30 days, with a 7 day limit on all downloaded content before it expires.

Channel 4 are taking care to keep their content secure though. Shows can only be downloaded via wifi from within the UK or the Republic of Ireland, but can then be watched anywhere in the world. The move addresses a criticism that has been leveled at UK broadcasters in the past that content can’t be viewed when users are abroad.

For now offline viewing is restricted to Channel 4’s own commissioned programming but the channel has plans to expand the service to other programs in the near future.

The move comes almost a year after a similar service was offered by the BBC for iPlayer. In September of last year iPlayer was equipped to give iOS users the chance to download shows and watch them offline.

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