Belfast Has the Best Mobile Performance in UK

Thomas Wellburn
April 26, 2017

RootMetrics, a leading independent source for mobile performance comparison, has today revealed their latest report detailing the top 16 UK cities for mobile network performance.

The study took into account six categories: overall performance, network reliability, network speed, data performance, call performance, and text performance.

Belfast tops the list with an overall score of 97%, with Manchester only slightly behind at 69.9%. Belfast topped the list when it came to speed, data and texting, while Manchester was top for reliability and calling. London scored fourth from bottom, the worst rating of the five most populous UK areas.

Interestingly, the majority of cities in the top 10 were northern locales, which is a positive result for the longstanding north/south divide. Birmingham, Leicester and Coventry made up the best performing southern cities.

Compared to the last report, Glasgow has jumped a few places, which RootMetrics says is down to steady improvement within the area.  Bristol falls three places due to inconsistent performance, while Hull finally pulled themselves from the bottom… This sounds like football.

In short, the study shows just how much better mobile performance has gotten in recent years, with all but one city on test getting an overall rating of 90% plus. Cardiff was the lowest scoring city on test and still achieved 89.1%, a very good figure.


Via RootMetrics

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