Beep launches, gives life to old speakers through Wi-Fi and a mobile device

Callum Tennent
February 7, 2014

Got an old cassette tape ghetto blaster  you can’t make use of any more? How about a pair of perfectly serviceable speakers, but with no centre console?

Beep has got you covered. Truly one of a kind, Beep allows you to stream music from your mobile device via Wi-Fi to their small piece of hardware. The Beep device can be connected to any speaker with a standard 3.5mm or optical input.

Once you connect the small, dial-like device you need only to download the Beep app to your Android or iOS device. From there the app guides you through a quick and easy Wi-Fi setup, and you’re in business. The device supports either MP3 or AAC filetypes, as well as the Pandora internet radio app (US only). Talks are also underway to support a variety of other music apps.

Due to its connection being Wi-Fi based rather than the more conventional Bluetooth, Beep means that range-related issues commonly associated with this sort of wireless connectivity  are a non-issue.

Not only that but multiple devices can connect at once, meaning everyone in your home can join in on the action.

Once connected the music is not just controlled through your phone, but through the Beep dial. Reminiscent of a classic Hi-Fi knob, you can change volume by turning it and play/pause by tapping its centre.

Not the cheapest of packages, Beep will cost $149 (~ £90) upon its release, with pre-orders set at the reduced price of $99 (~ £60) – a very reasonable discount indeed. Not only that, but for every friend you can convince to buy the product, Beep will give you a $10 discount. Orders will ship Q3 of this year.

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