Been on the lash? Google Maps can help you piece everything back together

Alex Yau
July 22, 2015

We’ve all had heavy nights where we can’t remember much the morning after. What’s worse is when you check your bank balance and have no idea where you made that massive £250 transaction. Google Maps’ latest feature might make it easier to keep track of your transactions after you’ve had a massive one.

You can now see how your location is tracked by Google Maps in real time. Google’s location history must be turned on to do so. Just go to the Real-time routines option in the sidebar menu. On a desktop? In your browser, just go to Options > My Places > Your timeline.

How do I disable Google’s new feature?

If you find all of this a bit creepy you can disable all of this. Just go to My Account and you can easily switch this feature off in your Location History settings.


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