Apple’s Q3 financial report reveals decline in China

Alan O'Doherty
July 24, 2013

Apple’s Q3 quarter financial report reveals that the tech giant’s market share has fallen in the Greater China market, a region which includes Taiwan, Hong Kong and Mainland China.

Mainland China currently represents the largest smartphone market in the world and Apple are the most popular smartphone and tablet brand in the country. However, in light of these new figures it’s going to be a challenge for Apple to hang on to this position for much longer.

In the region Apple’s Q3 financial report shows that revenues have declined dramatically to $4.64 billion, down 14% from the same period last year and a worrying   43% on last quarter.

Growth in the budget smartphone market in China and elsewhere, particularly in emerging markets has likely played an important role in Apple’s decline in revenues this quarter. The company revenues decline worldwide with the exception of the markets in North America and Japan.

The much-rumoured iPhone Light may be Apple’s solution to the problem but with no confirmation on whether the device even exists, let alone a release date, it’s not clear when Apple will enter the low-cost smartphone market.



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