Apple Twitter account out of stasis for iPhone 7?

Manny Pham
September 2, 2016

The official Apple Twitter account has sprang back to life today after years of being dormant, could this be the hot bed of iPhone 7 news we want?

It’s known for official celebrity Twitter accounts to be rather inactive, to avoid imitators stealing an official sounding handle, and running amok with it. Some even use it sparingly to generate mystery and hype. Kanye West followed no one, until he chose to follow a random British teenager, causing a social media tidal wave full of hashtags and shock.

A similar situation has happened in the tech world, with Apple reviving its official Twitter account. The Cupertino company has slapped on a new background photo, avatar and emblazoned that coveted blue tick. The background photo was taken from the invitation Apple sent out to various media publications earlier in the week.

Making this revival a big deal for those who want to get the latest on the iPhone 7. Apple may even live tweet the unveiling (we will too, but better), which will be taking place September 7th.

Apple Twitter account revival is a late move on social media

Apple as a tech company has strangely kept Twitter at a distant with a barge pole in the past. Recently we saw Apple launch Twitter accounts for Apple Music, Apple News and Apple Support (customer support service). There’s even a UK dedicated Apple News account, for those that want to jump on promotions early.

Apple executives including CEO Tim Cook, Peter Schiller and Eddy Cue are active Twitter users.

Currently the @Apple has not posted a single tweet, yet at the time of writing, it has amassed 114,000 followers. You can bet there will be a flurry of activity just before or right on the 7th of next week.

The account was created in 2011, five years after Twitter went live.

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