Apple testing inductive, solar and motion charging for its smartwatch

Saqib Shah
February 3, 2014

Apple is reportedly testing a number of wireless charging methods for use in its first wearable device, the as-yet unannounced smartwatch.

According to the New York Times, researchers at Apple are looking at solar, inductive and motion charging techniques for the device.

As tech companies make the push into wearable devices this year, the focus will be on battery life with the general consensus stating that consumers are unlikely to embrace the new technology if they have to keep removing the products in order to recharge them.

Although the solar charging methods may take a few years to appear, inductive charging which uses electromagnetic fields from a charging base to charge the device will most likely be the preferred method.

Other rumours include the inclusion of a solar layer within the device and the use of kinetic charging, which is currently used in non-smartwatch devices.

source: The New York Times  



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