Apple waves goodbye to antennas with new patent

Thomas Wellburn
June 22, 2015

Apple has filed for a patent that could potentially put an end to all those unflattering antenna lines on their iPhone devices.

Ever wondered what those weird lines are which cover the top of your iPhone 6, HTC One M9 or Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge? Well, they’re actually antennas for the built-in radio receiver. Every metal device must have them to avoid signal issues like those which plagued the iPhone 4. Unfortunately, they’re very hard to cover up without completely ruining the signal.

Turns out that Apple has decided enough is enough! The company has filed for a patent on a composite material that looks like anodized metal, but still allows wireless signals to get through. This will finally allow the development of completely seamless devices, where all the materials successfully blend into one another. We’re already salivating at the prospect.

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