Apple iPad Pro has a serious problem

Thomas Wellburn
November 20, 2015

The Apple iPad Pro has a potentially serious issue that renders the device useless after extended periods without use.

New hardware and software tends to come with teething issues during the initial launch but it seems that Apple could be in a bit of trouble with the new iPad Pro. A major issue has been discovered by one early adopter which has now been confirmed by several others on the Apple Support Forum.

The problem appears to be connected to a way in which the tablet charges, with some users saying that the device would be rendered useless if left to charge overnight. The only option to restore it back to life is a hard reset which loses all personal information stored on the device.

Apple has said it’s aware of the issue and is currently investigating, though the only current advice they have given  is a force restart… Which is pretty useless and doesn’t fix the underlying issue.

We’ll be keeping an eye on this closely to see if anything else changes.

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