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Jordan O'Brien
October 22, 2013

Yep, it’s all over. Full stories up in a tick. Thanks for joining us!

It looks like we’re wrapping up.

New iPad smart covers are also coming. Wooo!

So there you have it, the thinner, lighter, more powerful iPad Air, and the iPad Mini with retina display. Pretty much what we expected, yes?

The iPad Mini has a Retina and will sell for $529 for the 16gb WiFi model

It has a a 7.9 inch screen, running at 2048Ã’1536

Next up, the new iPad mini, also with the A7 chip.

It starts at $499, by the way.

Video with Johnny Ive:  “We actually started working on this design years ago,”

Launching November 1st, launching for the first time in China.

“The new iPad Air will replace our top of the line, full size iPad. It’ll start at $499 for the WiFi model, and $629 for the Cellular model”

The GPU is  8x faster than the original iPad. In terms of graphics performance, it’s 72x faster.

“Just as important as the outside, though, is the inside. Inside is the brand new A7 chip, which we just launched with the new iPhone. “

Weighs 1 lb. The lightest full-size tablet in the world, apparently.

7.5mm thin, 25% thinner than the previous device

9.7inch Retina display, with a bezel 43% smaller than others.

It’s thinner and light and more powerful than previous versions.

The new iPad is called the iPad Air.

A video is showing them now, it’s been called the ‘biggest leap’ yet.

And now it’s time to talk about the new generation of iPads.

Now a lovely video on people using iPads.

“We now have over 475,000 iPad apps, on the app store. These have been customized for the iPad, not these stretched out smartphone apps that our competitors are doing”

“Now, everyone seems to be making a tablet. Even some of the doubters! Regardless of what you may hear, or read, about how many are sold or activated, iPads are used more than any of the rest. And not just a little more – a lot more! iPads are used 4x more than any of those other tablets put together.”

Guess the naysayers were wrong – the company sold its 170 millionth iPad this month.

He’s talking about the original negativity surrounding the new iPad.

“We launched iPad 3 1/2 years ago, with a very clear goal, and a very clear objective”

Okay, FINALLY, the good stuff. Tim Cook is back, iPad time.

All updates to iLife and iWork apps are available to download from today.

Now we’re looking at iWorks and some of the new tools involved.

A formatting tool has been added to page on iPad, built onto the keyboard and allowing you to change text stylings etc.

These new apps will be going free with purchases of new MacBooks and Mac Pros

GarageBand is going from 8 track to 16 tracks.

iMovie is being redesigned for ‘desktop-class effects’

He’s talking about improvements to apps like iPhoto

Time to talk apps with Eddie Cue

Currently there’s a video of the MacPros being used.

December, more specifically. Sounds like a machine designed for video editing. We could use that.

The new MacPro will cost $2999. That’s a 3.7 GHz quad-core machine. Available before the end of the year.

It comes with a whole host of new improvements, ideal for 4K video with a range of ports to support it.

Now we’re talking about the Mac Pro, which comes wsith a whole host of tech updates and a new design.

New version starts at $1999.

Now the 15 inch

New MacBook starts at $1299

The Dark Knight was just refered to as ‘The Black Night’ during the presentation. Bit embarrassing.

90% faster than previous generation

The 13 inch MacBook Pro is becoming light at under three and a half pounds. 1.7 inches thin.

Now time for talk on Mac Books. New line up for Mac Book air.

Oh and available today. Cooler.

The mavericks update will be free. Cool.

Now some updates to Safari are being shown. Just some changes to app switching etc.

A few demos of things like iBooks being used on Mavericks right now.

A lot of recapping going on right now about Mavericks, not much new

First announcement of the day incoming, OS X for Mac, being talked about now.

Cook fires shots at Mac’s competitors:  “Our competition is different. They’re confused. They bothered with netbooks. They tried to make pcs into tablets and tablets into PC. We have a very clear direction, and a very ambitious goal.”

App store – 60 billion apps downloaded, earning developers $13 billion.  iTunes Radio – 20 million downloads, over a billion songs listened to.  Currently, 64% of compatible devices are running iOS7. Wonder what’s taking the other 36%?  Another video, this time of the launch at Apple stores

On the recent iPhone launches:  “The excitement around the launch was palpable, and there was no better place to experience it than one of our retail stores. We’ve prepared a video to share that experience with you.”

Recap: The show’s underway, we’ve had a short video and now Tim Cook’s on stage talking iPhones

We seem to be having a few problems with the live blog, so we’ll just update this post as we go!

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