Apple fanboys get trolled with fake iPhone operating system

Thomas Wellburn
August 6, 2015

Two Dutch comedians successfully fooled several members of the public into believing that an iPhone running Android was actually showcasing the upcoming iOS 9 operating system.

Fanboys are a strange breed. Some of them can be so blinkered in their love for the product that they will literally believe anything thrown in front of them. When two Dutch comedians decided to flash an iPhone 6 with the latest release of Android Lollipop, that’s exactly what happened. Obviously, the video is edited for maximum humorous effect so it’s hard to tell just how many realised it was running a non-Apple operating system. Still, it’s pretty cringe-worthy to see large chunks of the public believing such a simple scam. One person even says that the ‘iPhone OS’ looks like an improvement over the original before proudly proclaiming that he’s actually a Samsung fanboy. When you can’t even notice your favourite OS running on a rival phone, maybe it’s time to re-evaluate your fanboy status perhaps?

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