Angry Birds 2 hits 50 million downloads

Joanna Tatum
September 18, 2015

The successor to the iconic multi-platform game has had over 50 million downloads less than two months after its launch.

Angry Birds 2 hit the app stores and shelves on the 30th of July, 2015, and has been received with enthusiasm by fans and new players alike. Made by Rovio Entertainment Ltd, the game has better gameplay than its predecessor and introduced new characters for gamers to enjoy. It also allows players to challenge others around to prove their birdy mastery.

Poppin’ piggies will never get old

Available primarily from Apple’s App Store and Android’s Google Play, Angry Birds 2 was downloaded over 20 million times in its first week alone, and while it’s slowing down, it’s unlikely it’s going to fall off the popularity charts any time soon.

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