Android N could have “Freeform Windows”

Manny Pham
March 16, 2016

Hidden in the code of Android N is a secret feature Google has been keeping quiet.

We’re all super happy that all future Android devices could potentially support multi-windows, as enjoyed by Samsung users. So what can top that? How about a free form window experience. Don’t know what that is? Well it’s the ability to open multiple windows and place them wherever you want on screen just like on a computer.

The revealing strings of code are as follows:

Enable freeform windows
Enable support for experimental freeform windows.

We haven’t been able to enable free form mode ourselves unfortunately but it would look like Remix OS as see below.


This is a sign that we’re one step closer to a full desktop computer in your pocket. Initially Microsoft are rumoured to be creating such a device, a Surface Phone perhaps? But it seems Google are ahead of the curve and preparing for the next smartphone revolution. Will we see it with Android N’s official unveiling? Most likely not, but seeing it in the code of the preview stage here it more likely we’ll see it again in Android O.

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Via Ars Technica.

Image via Venture Beat.

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