Android cars are coming, Google and co confirm

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January 6, 2014

How’s this for your ‘the end is nigh’ news story of the day – Android cars will be a thing this year. Sounds pretty Judgment Day-ish, right?

Okay, sort of. Google’s massively popular operating system has made its mark on the mobile industry and is now setting its sights on automobiles. The company has teamed up with five partners to form the Open Automotive Alliance, which is working to integrate Android with cars.

Those five companies include car-makers Audi, Hyundai, Honda and the likes of General Motors and NVIDIA. So expect Android cars to come first to those car companies.

The potential for this sort of integration is undeniable. The coalition claims it wants to make driving safer and more intuitive for everyone, and we can already think of ways it could do that. Other OS owners are also getting behind the idea with their own initiatives. iCar, anyone?

Source: Open Automotive Alliance

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