Android-based NVIDIA Shield on sale July 31, not in UK

Jordan O'Brien
July 22, 2013

If there’s one thing at CES this year that took everyone by surprise it was the NVIDIA Shield, which is the first handheld games console from the company.

Powered by an NVIDIA Tegra 4 processor (of course), the games console is powered by Android and is more controller with an attached screen than a carbon copy of existing handhelds.

Whilst there is no word on UK release date, the NVIDIA Shield should arrive in the US and Canada at Gamestop, Microcenter and Canada Computers — although you’ll only be able to buy them in-store as these won’t be available online from these retailers.  If you want to buy it online then you’ll be restricted to either or NVidia itself.

Another huge restriction on the NVIDIA Shield is the fact that it will only be coming to certain stores, so if you’re really dying to get your hands on one, then you may have to hunt around a bit.

Currently there are only six stores on the West Coast, eight stores in Central US, seven stores on the East Coast and only three stores in Canada offering the device.

If you live near one of these stores then you can pre-order the Shield for $299.00 and get a free t-shirt in the process.

Source: NVIDIA

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