Experienced analyst drops iPhone 7 details

Manny Pham
September 5, 2016

Apple are due to drop iPhone 7 details itself in a couple of days, but an analyst has gone ahead and revealed some juicy details we just might see at the grand unveiling. 

Ming-chi Kuo works for KGI Securities and has been predicting Apple hardware details for years with alarming accuracy. The details Kuo has revealed this time are much pretty much expected with some very welcomed features that no doubt will get iOS fans in a tizzy.

iPhone 7 details that could be true

  • Apple will get rid of the 16GB and 64 GB models, ushering in an age of expanded memory starting at 32GB, 128GB and 256GB. A common complaint from fans is the low memory with no expandable option.
  • Water-resistance finally makes way to an Apple handset, the Apple Watch saw a water-resistance rating of IPX7. Kuo says it’s being imported to the iPhone 7. The ‘X’ simply states the device has not been tested against dust particles, but the ‘7’ states water testing has been implemented.
  • The physical home button will be removed to aid Apple’s water-resistance efforts. Instead capacitive buttons will make its debut on an iPhone.
  • Apple’s True Tone screen technology could be present. It made it’s debut in the iPad Pro matching the display to ambient light.
  • True Tone could also be seen in the LED flash with Apple upping the LED flash to four, offering more colour temperature in pictures.
  • Instead of four colours, Apple will upgrade the it to five options. Space grey will be omitted to make room for a new “dark black” option. The second new option is “piano black,” which will be glossy and according to Kuo, will be limited and could be restricted to the 128GB and 256GB models. The final iPhone 7 palette could be: silver, gold, rose gold, dark black and piano black.
  • The ear receiver will also be a stereo speaker, working in tandem with the bottom facing speaker to offer a stereo sound experience.
  • Proximity sensor will be upgraded to laser technology

The expected

  • The iPhone 7 will of course be faster off the mark than it’s predecessor. Apple’s rumoured A10 processor is expected to make it’s debut in the iPhone 7.
  • Dual-camera system: one will be a telephoto lens and the other a wide-angle lens.The combinations is meant to offer an optical zoom-like experience, as actual optical zoom would add significant bulk to a camera hump. Both lens will be 12-megapixels.
  • 3GB of RAM will only appear on the larger 5.5-inch models, as the extra RAM is needed to support the dual-camera. 2GB of RAM will be present in the smaller models.
  • Antenna bands will be minimal and 3D Touch functionality will be improved.
  • 3.5mm headphone jack is gone with Apple to pack Lightning EarPods with every iPhone 7.

There’s a lot of iPhone 7 details to digest, luckily you have two days to digest it all before Apple reveals all in San Francisco. What Mobile will bring you the latest from the even so stay tuned.

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