Almost 70 million smart wearable devices sold by 2017

Alex Walls
January 16, 2013

Almost 70 million smart wearable devices will be sold by 2017, requiring an app-ecosystem to support growth.

Juniper Research’s report has found that by 2017 there would be a total of almost 70 million smart wearable devices sold, compared with 15 million in 2013.

These devices would require the development of an app-ecosystem in order to further broaden their role, similar to the smartphone app ecosystem, the company said.

With 70 million devices sold by 2017, that’s a lotta apps needed to widen the devices’ roles and capabilities.

Report author Nitin Bhas said the development of the smart phone app store model had opened up new avenues for other segments within the market, such as the wearable deveices market, by comgining mobility with efficient software delivery.

“The simultaneous development of app-ecosystem and wearable devices will integrate technologies, such as augmented reality, into human life more seamlessly.”

Driven by the launch of augmented reality glasses and the like, such as Google’s Glass, a headset that would place a tiny computer display in front of users’ eyes and allow them to check friends updates, view photos and check the weather, Juniper Research said it saw significant adoption closer to 2017.

These devices would be worth more than $1.5 billion (£0.94 billion), up from $800 million (£500 million) this year, driven by spending on fitness, multi-functional devices and healthcare, Juniper Research said, with North America and Western Europe representing over 60% of global sales



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