The most addictive game on iOS, Threes!, is finally available on Android

Callum Tennent
March 13, 2014

The puzzler is arguably the most popular genre in mobile gaming. Its sheer accessibility and replayability makes it a lucrative market, with developers constantly trying to crack the formula for the next smash hit. Android gamers waiting for their latest fix need wait no longer – Threes! in finally available.

Threes! is the both the archetype and the pinnacle of what every indie app should aspire to be. It’s simple to pick up, impossible to master, gorgeous to look at and, most importantly, an awful lot of simple, clean fun.

It’s already rocketed to the top of Apple’s iOS App Store, which is no mean feat for a game with no recognised name behind it and a fairly lofty pricetag of £1.99 (currently on sale to £1.49). For those wondering though, it is absolutely worth the money.

The concept is so easy to comprehend that even a child could play it (and it’s pretty safe to say that a few probably have): you’re presented with a screen full of numbered tiles. You then need to combine the tiles to create multiples of three, with the aim of clearing the screen of said tiles.

It’s only £1.20 on the Google Play Store right now. You know what to do.

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