A crystal clear reason for spending £510 on a Skype handset

What Mobile
October 23, 2012

We all know that using VoIP phones for free and nearly-free internet calls saves us huge amounts of cash. So why not spend some of the money you’ve saved calling Aunt Gladys in Australia over Skype by popping into Harrods for a lovely retro handset from luxury brand J’adore Adorn full of Swarovski crystals. And all for just £510.

The PR company promoting this bauble invites you to “add a touch of glamour and swagger to everyday conversations”. We’re too nice to point out that no-one can see the phone you’re calling from. So we’ll pass on the J’adore Adorn and wisely invest the money saved by putting it all on the favourite running in the 3:15 at Newmarket.

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