64-bit Android tabs incoming from Intel

Jordan O'Brien
November 25, 2013

A name you rarely hear in the mobile industry is Intel, with the company being more commonly associated with desktop PCs, rather than your tablets and phones – but the company has been in several phones and tablets throughout the years, including the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1, which launched earlier this year.

Of course Intel aren’t ready to give up on mobile devices just yet, with the company’s CEO Brian Krzanich revealing that the company is developing a 64-bit version of its Bay Trail processors for Android tablets – after all there are already 64-bit Bay Trail tablets running Windows 8.1.

The advantage of Android is of course the price, with 64-bit Android tablets looking to start at around £92 ($150) according to Krzanich. And you may not even need to go out and buy a new tablet, with the company revealing that all Bay Trail chips already support 64-bit addressing, and all that’s needed is a software update to enable it.

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