The Iceworks 7000 Battery Pack – The days of a flat battery are behind us!

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July 27, 2018

Is it just me or are our phone batteries slowly getting worse and worse? Maybe an exaggeration but I’m frequently finding myself charging up twice a day at least!

With such demands, it would be handy to have an extra bit of power for those emergency moments when it’s touch and go whether you’ll be able to watch all of that show that everyone is talking about on Netflix (you know the one).

Up steps the Iceworks 7000 battery pack, a 7,000 mHa battery pack with a built-in USB C cable, capable of fast charging. Otherwise known as a big brick of power.

However, despite my introduction, I have not tested this in the real world. I called on this battery pack, amongst others at a festival. In this setting every percentage, bar and milliamp is essential but on the first usage, I was very disappointed to see that I appeared to burn through half of the capacity of the pack only to charge less than 20 per cent of my phone.

Naturally, I wasn’t too sure on the reasons why but I let it go, unplugged and carried on. However, on a second attempt, it worked very well, charging my phone three-quarters of the way up whilst I was bored at an airport, watching that Netflix show everyone is talking about.

When it comes to the convenience of the pack I won’t beat around the bush, it is a bulky item. I have a Note 8 and, frankly, I found it difficult to use with my phone as well. I dread to think how someone with a smaller device might cope. The cable is a little too short for my liking and there was always a bit of tension there and the lack of USB port is a miss.

The only other noteworthy element is the weight of the pack. It isn’t light by any means, but it is not heavy. You walk around with this in your pocket you’ll feel it but in a bag along with a laptop or tablet then it isn’t noticeable.

Overall though this is a good battery pack and it did serve me well.

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