Top 5 productivity apps for students

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March 16, 2021

Have you ever wondered how to do more in less time? Perhaps, you promise yourself that you will complete your tasks before the due date but still miss the deadlines. Or maybe you keep procrastinating rather than get down to business. If you don’t know how to start the ball rolling, here are five productivity apps that can help you to achieve better results both in your academic and personal life.


If you want to be more productive, you first need to figure out what stands in your way. Do you spend too much time scrolling the news feed? Are you fond of time-wasting websites? Can it be that you take too many breaks when working on your home assignments? If you are not sure how to respond to those questions, RescueTime can find the answers for you. This application helps to understand where your time is going.

RescueTime is a passive time tracker. It means it can run in the background on your gadget without disturbing your main activity. The app works across smartphones, laptops, and tablets, so you can see exactly how you spend your time. Once you are aware of your actual habits, you can cut down on the use of unproductive sites. RescueTime also allows you to block your worst distractions and reclaim a few hours a day for meaningful work. 


Taking notes is probably the most common classroom activity for college students. However, decrypting your jottings afterward can be tedious and time-consuming work. This task becomes especially daunting when you need to review the information presented in class to finish the research project or pull an all-nighter before the exam. Luckily there are numerous note-taking apps that can help you to get yourself organized. OneNote is among the most popular choices for students.

The program is basically a digital notebook where you can type out lecture materials, take handwritten notes, and make sketches. You can also record audio content, highlight important concepts, add images, and snap photos of presentation slides. The app even converts your handwriting and audio files into searchable text, so you can always keep track of what you have studied. Yet, if you still can’t find the info for your research paper, you can always use some extra help. When you feel stuck with your written assignment, you can get help from a reliable write essay for me service to create an impeccable academic paper.


Most students are continuously glued to their smartphones. Young adults, on average, look at the screen of their device about 150 times per day. It means every six minutes, they either send texts, browse the Internet, or check their social media accounts. As virtual reality absorbs most of their time, people get disconnected from what really matters.

Forest app may not be the medicine that can cure Internet addiction, but it is a smart solution to start ignoring your phone. This app offers a creative approach to deal with time killers. Whenever you want to work, study, or spend meaningful time with your friends, you “plant a tree.” If you manage to keep your hands off the phone for 30 minutes, at the end of the session, your screen will be adorned with lush greenery. In case you fail to resist the temptation, your seedling will die. This way, you can take control of your time and focus on things that are really important.

The app is available for both iOS and Android platforms. You can also use Forest on your computer through browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox.


Todoist is a perfect tool to sort out all your tasks and get a clear overview of the things on your plate. It enables you to get all that stuff out of your head and free up space for more significant issues.

The service allows you to create to-do lists, add various projects, set reminders, and write due dates for each assignment. You can categorize your tasks according to labels and filters, add hashtags, and write comments. Todoist also allows users to share their workload. If you participate in the collaborative school project, you can connect with up to five classmates through this platform. The app enables students to assign tasks to other team members and efficiently manage the groups’ work.


This soundboard application allows you to replace the distracting noise with ambient sounds that increase your productivity. It generates the perfect atmosphere to get the job done. You can mix and match the sounds of a coffee shop and rain, forest and bonfire, seaside and wind to get in the right mood for work, learning, and relaxation. Noisli helps to create a personal environment that fuels creativity and bolsters your focus.


There are tons of useful apps that can make your life a lot easier and thus enhance your performance. These include some well-known tools, like Dropbox, Google Docs, and Zoom. But there are also some incredible programs that can help you better memorize learning content, manage your schedule, or encourage you to stay on track. You just need to find what w


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