Virgin Media O2 offers the cheapest social tariffs for struggling households

Megan Robinson
October 11, 2022

Social tariffs to be as low as £10.93 per month for 15Mbps fibre broadband

Virgin Media O2 has joined forces with the Government and has come up with one of the cheapest social tariffs for low-income groups in in response to the rising cost of living crisis and the Affordability Report published by Ofcom.

The Essential Broadband plan, priced at £12.50 pm for 15Mbps fibre broadband, and the Essential Broadband Plus plan, priced at £20 pm for 50Mbps speed, are Virgin Media O2’s two cheapest social tariff plans for struggling households. 

To be eligible for these deals, customers will have to share a screenshot of their Universal Credit Payments page as proof and the details will then be verified.

If customers opt for the Essential Broadband Plus plan, they can also add Virgin Media O2’s latest entertainment network – Stream for an upfront, one-off fee of £20 and get access to popular streaming subscriptions. 

Virgin Media O2 also collaborated with Which? requesting the reduction of the social tariffs’ VAT to make them comparable to other utilities like gas and electricity. 

They have also decided to cut VAT on all of its Essential Broadband plans, which will further reduce costs to £10.93 for 15 Mbps and £17.50 for 50 Mbps bundles. 

David Buttress, the Government’s Cost of Living Business Tsar, said: “By cutting the price of its Essential Broadband social tariff and introducing a new Essential Broadband Plus tariff, it is increasing flexibility, value and choice and giving support to those who need it most, while DWP’s recently launched service is making it easier and faster for eligible customers to access this cheaper broadband.”

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