Things You Should Know About B2B Marketing

Codrin Arsene
February 13, 2020

B2B marketing allows businesses to promote and sell products and services to other companies. These products and services are then used in the running of the businesses that buy it, or they could also resell the purchased goods, as well.

The marketing world has changed significantly over the years. Marketing has been digitized with the advancement of technology. Now, online presence has become an essential thing for any company.

Moreover, two-thirds of B2B relations establish online. The B2B market is expected to grow even further, with more and more companies wanting to use the right B2B marketing methods.

B2B Customers

Let’s take a look at the main types of B2B customers out there. When developing a B2B marketing strategy, it is essential to understand what type of business client you have and why it may need your goods or services.


These institutions can either be non-profit or for-profit organizations. Such B2B customers need these services and products for the proper or improved running of their businesses.

Government Agencies

The type of business relations is also known as B2G, namely business-to-government. Government agencies tend to buy many different services and products for their organizational processes, managing the work of departments to the whole organization. The products and services received by these B2G customers are for rendering services to the people or as goods to provide citizens with.

Other Companies

Other companies are the main customers that interact with businesses to get some products and services from them. The outcomes acquired are used by the business in day-to-day activities or for manufacturing some better by-products.


Wholesalers are businesses that act as intermediaries between companies and consumers. The wholesale business buys goods from one manufacturer and later resells them to another or the consumers for use.

The Most Powerful Marketing Strategies

Some marketing strategies can be used in the B2B relations to ensure reaching and satisfying the target clients. Personalization is considered to be one of the fundamental approaches to use to reach potential customers.

Even though digital strategies are taking over, still, person-to-person conversations work best for marketing purposes. Such personalized connections help businesses to grow and establish a name for themselves, and the customers will feel more appreciated and content with the services.

The creation of content posted on online platforms is also essential and should be done with proper preparation and analytics after. The main message should correspond to the needs and thoughts of the intended clients. It should give answers to some popular questions or highlight the uniqueness and attractiveness of your B2B offers.

You can post the content either on your website or on various online platforms. Social media is the fastest and the most-working way to reach potential B2B customers and speak for the company.

The Biggest Trends in B2B Marketing

Every business is eager to utilize the latest digital marketing approaches and tools to promote its products and services. Marketing tools offer many options that can speed up the operational processes, boost sales, improve retention rates, and increase the revenue of the business.

As seen on Inc., account-based marketing is the trend that allows businesses to assign a specific representative that works on establishing productive relations with a particular B2B customer. It helps marketing teams in aligning the resources of a company and organizing them in a way that every B2B client is served with proper dedication.

Differences Between B2B to B2C Marketing

According to Digital Authority Partners, business-to-business marketing differs from a business-to-customer one. While B2C campaigns are tailored to fit the individual perspective of consumers, B2B marketing is, however, based on targeting businesses that look into buying such products or services.

B2B VS. B2C: Comparing the Approaches

As seen on Forbes, B2B marketing campaigns are created to influence the purchase decisions of a business, but still, people are what make a business. However, when it comes to reaching out to B2B customers, the message and the tone of voice should be as much expert as possible. B2C marketing strategies are built to convince the consumer through emotional impact, as it plays a more significant role in the purchase.

Marketing done by businesses working with other businesses is mainly meant to educate the target audience. This strategy is used to tell the buyer about the benefits of the products or services and how they can help the B2B customer. However, the B2C content, while still educative, is more based on the fun and attractive aspects, as it is meant to grab one’s attention and motivate them to purchase the company’s goods.

Usually, B2B marketing is tailored to long-term cooperation, building trustworthy relations, and retaining loyal clients. Often, the main goal of a B2B marketing strategy is a long-term contract, franchising, or distributorship.

B2C marketing, however, is mainly considered to be short-term or occasional, as a consumer buys the goods only when they need them. Although this type of marketing is also concentrated on gaining loyal clients, it is also about reaching out to a larger auditory, while B2B relations suppose long-term cooperation with a small number of trusted B2B customers.

Final Tips

B2B is a type of business that focuses on cooperation between companies. The target audience of each business is quite small as compared to B2C approaches and consists of a group of decision-makers. If the features or products and services offered by one company add value to what other business needs, the purchase is possible. B2B marketing is what makes one company know about the goods of another one.

Some specifics come with the B2B type of business. Besides utilizing the innovations and latest approaches, a company-seller needs to think about the target audience, the message, the tone of voice, and the content produced.

B2B marketing aims to present the products and services a company provides in the best way possible to convince its B2B potential customers in the benefits of cooperating with the business. Moreover, it builds long-term fruitful relationships with the existing B2B clients to keep them loyal to one’s company.

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