4 Super-Cool Gifts for a QA Tester

Codrin Arsene
February 13, 2020

It’s easy to buy gifts for some people. Grandma delights in any kind of book about garden birds. Mom loves romance novels. Aunt Cheryl enjoys cookies and eats far too many of them… 

Then we buy for the music lovers, the sports fans, the new moms and the DIY dads. By definition, these groups are easy to buy for because they have specific interests.

But it was always going to get harder, wasn’t it? The fact is, some people treat gifts the same way they do their jobs… and the hardest to please have to be the Quality Assurance testers or QAs for short. Ah, those QAs… What can we buy for them? 

Unfortunately, the QA tester’s job seems to offer no specific insight into what they like or are interested in, except to say that they’re the ones with their eyes screwed up and their magnifiers out, on the lookout for all the flaws. Aha! Oho! 

“I wouldn’t buy one of those because…” says the QA tester. 

Does the ‘thing’ have a problem? Is there a hole in it? Will it break down? Could the design be improved? Was it made unethically? Is it too loud? Or too quiet? Too hard or too soft? Hmm. You get the drift by now… 

The truth is, what a QA tester is interested in is obvious: it’s quality. This applies as much to the gifts they’ll love as it does to their work. So, here are four super-cool and high-quality gifts for the QA tester in your life. 

Cool Socks

Now, we know what you’re thinking! 

“Socks? They brought me to this article to tell me about socks?”

Wait! No matter who you are or what you do, there’s a universal, inescapable truth about socks. Everyone needs them. But sadly, everyone knows socks only let you down all the time. 

Socks promise you things and then, behind your back (or beneath your feet) they go and do something else entirely. Socks with holes, rough socks, shrinking socks… socks that fall down… and deadly dull socks. All these are the bane of everyone’s life, especially the dull, drab ones. No one wants socks like that in the drawer. Socks like that can take a hike… 

Getting serious a moment, the truth is that the comfort of your feet is key to your whole body feeling good, and great socks are the key to foot comfort. Good socks are important to retain and regulate the body’s warmth as well as to having a healthy foot.

That is why for a QA tester, someone who’s on their feet and walking around inspecting all day, multiple cool pairs of high-end, superbly made socks are not just a great gift; they are a must-have. Of course, socks can be purchased from many places, but we’ve found a sock site we really love.

To find high quality, fun, fashionable, and, most important, cosily comfortable and durable socks with a difference, check out No Cold Feet Co. This sock company makes an amazing variety of stunning socks in all kinds of colors and patterns, and what’s more, they’re incredibly stylish and well made. 

No matter the individual style and personality of your QA tester, there’ll be a pair of socks–or several–to fit your QA tester to a T. Plus, quality screams out from this site in every regard, from the beautiful product designs to the unique packaging and soft, indulgent fabrics. 

And they’re more than just a gift for a QA tester, too; they are the perfect gifts for weddings, holidays, birthdays, graduations, or anniversaries. They even make great corporate gifts to say thank you to colleagues or employees. Then you can package up your tantalising toe-treats in a beautiful gift box with a personalized note and cool bowtie decor–and pop them in the post to someone you love. 


Toe right! (Sorry)… 

Kool8 Bottle 

QA testers care about the overall quality of everything they come into contact with; well, they just have to, don’t they? Anything less would be an embarrassment, letting the side down. 

This means they care about not just the product but also the product’s impact on people and the environment as well. This is why the Kool8 Water Bottle is the second-best perfect gift for a QA tester. Exhibiting high quality in design, functionality, benefits, and eco-friendliness, it’s one of the highest-quality water bottles you can buy someone, especially at an affordable price.  

Plus, this is so much more than a normal water bottle. This next-gen, 18oz, stainless-steel water bottle is portable, durable, and perfect to take with you wherever you go. 

Whether your QA tester takes it to work in the morning filled with steaming coffee or fills it with iced water for that weekend hike, this bottle’s double-walled vacuum insulation will keep their beverages hot or cold for a very long time. 

This favourite bottle comes in a selection of cool colours and its sleek design will surely make it the envy of all the other QA testers. The best part is, they donate 20% of the profit to delivering clean water to underprivileged regions in the world.

Now, that’s quality. 

Laptop Backpack

As a QA tester, you have to be on the move. And what do you carry with you? Your computer, of course, your techy best friend–so that you can write down all those niggles and gripes you discovered when inspecting the latest ‘thing’. 

That’s why a high-quality, padded laptop backpack is a perfect gift for a QA tester. Many quality laptop bags also offer plenty of space for other things, such as for the QA tester’s water bottle and their spare comfy socks, of course… and our favourite backpack has many handy compartments.

This Tigernu Laptop Backpack is the perfect combination of functionality and form and is our chosen multi-purpose, mid-sized laptop bag. 

This bag can fit a 15.6” laptop in its specially designed, protective laptop pocket, while several other inner and outer pockets give your QA tester a lot of space for additional items. Maybe the best part about this backpack, though, is that it has a built-in USB port where you can charge your phone or device right through the backpack’s casing. 

It is truly a superb feature that’s been well considered and nicely delivered in terms of product quality and usability. And QA testers simply love talking about usability… They can talk about it till the cows come home. Oh, by the way, did you know that cows have many flaws…? But we won’t get into that. Just ask your QA tester.

We also love the overall aesthetic of this bag; it comes in a stylish shape and business-oriented colours and is perfectly sized for aircraft cabin storage.  

Leatherman Multitool 

Now, every QA tester knows that you cannot–and must not, ever–sacrifice quality for functionality. But, when you can combine the two, you have something that is truly great. Now, you have something to shout about.

And the Leatherman multitool brand has long since been synonymous with both quality and function, as is shown by the fact it’s the firm favourite of adventurers and the military. 

That is why absolutely any QA tester will really appreciate–and boast about–their Leatherman multitool

This tool, that is actually half-a-dozen tools or more in one, has the quality to match its incredible functionality and there’s always a surprise around the corner with a Leatherman. First, you could not possibly anticipate all the tools this item comprises, and second, you would never understand just how many problems a Leatherman can solve until you’ve carried one around day-to-day.  

These tools are clean-looking, durable, and dependable and fold up into a very convenient size that fits in your pocket, and each Leatherman has a different tool selection–so, unashamedly, many Leatherman aficionados seem to accumulate quite a few. 

With this one portable tool, your proud QA tester will be able to test or fix all those faulty items they come across. With its mix of pliers, cutting tools, screwdrivers, files, rasps, pincers, gauges and measures–and more–there will never be a situation the QA tester cannot resolve, much to the admiration of everyone around. 


QA testers may initially seem hard to buy for but in reality, they should not be. Keep the most obviously important factor–quality–in mind while looking for a gift, and you’ll easily find them something they’ll love and cherish forever.

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