Seven Augmented Reality Apps to Make The Most of iOS 11

Thomas Wellburn
September 22, 2017

With the launch of Apple’s new iOS 11, the company is pushing augmented reality (AR) as a key feature. This has opened up a whole world of opportunity for iPhone owners, and after the success of Pokemon Go, app creators have cottoned on to this lucrative market.  As such, here’s seven of the best apps that will enable you to experience the wonders of augmented reality for yourself…

1. shARk (Free)

Have you ever wanted to turn your living room, the street or even your office into shark-infested waters? Well now is your chance! Curiscope, the company behind one of the most watched VR experiences of all time (watched 24million times on YouTube), have continued their shark theme with this AR app. The incredibly realistic predators swim around your environment, reacting to the surroundings and food that you can ‘throw’ to them. So, if you fancy seeing a deadly Great White swim over to your boss when they make you stay late, look no further.

2. IKEA Place (Free)

IKEA’s foray into the AR world starts here. With over 2,000 pieces available, this app enables you to literally try before you buy. The app puts furniture into the room using AR so you can see exactly what it will look like to scale before you take the plunge, purchase and spend ages faffing about putting it together.

3. Sky Guide AR (£2.99/$2.99)

Sky Guide’s AR update means that users can now interact with constellations and stars in real time! The app tracks the sky and shows you exactly what your looking at by highlighting the constellations, so next time you’re trying to impress someone with your knowledge of the stars, you’ll know more than Orion’s Belt!  

4. Magic Sudoku App (£0.99/$0.99)

There’s nothing worse than feeling frustrated with something so simple as a math puzzle. The Magic Sudoku App now uses AR in order to solve any sudoku you put in front of it. You hold up the unfinished puzzle in front of the camera and, as if by magic, all the correct numbers will appear. The app also doubles as a great cheat to look like a Math genius in front of your friends.

5. CARROT Weather (£3.99/$3.99)

CARROT Weather have also capitalised on the use of AR, and have been able to bring their snarky robot protagonist to life like never before! The mix of highly customisable weather stats and the tongue-in-cheek feel of the app have always made it much more than just a functional staple of your phone, and by using AR to help bring it to life, they’ve really set themselves apart from the weather app competition.

6. AR Runner (Free)

AR is already showing that it can be adapted to all aspects of the AppStore and health apps are no exception. With AR Runner your regular jog around the block can become much more interesting, the app creates checkpoints to run through just like a videogame. So if you’re looking for a new, fun, immersive exercise regime, you might have just found it.  

7. My Very Hungry Caterpillar AR (£2.99/$2.99)

AR brings the much-loved children’s book to life like never before. The story unfolds by pointing the camera function at objects in your environment. Kids can engage, interact and play with the infamous hungry caterpillar (and said caterpillar’s foray of food!) helping him to grow larger with every pear and apple he eats. Featured in the app are also cute ladybirds, trees and other extras that really captivate young minds.

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