9 of The Most Popular Apps For Millennials

Alycia Gordan
October 8, 2017

Ask millennials what they can’t live without, and the answer is “their smartphone”.

In today’s fast paced digital age, we treat our smartphones as lifelines, and in a way, they are. However, when it comes to downloading a new app, most of us are quite clueless. That is to say, we can’t be taught new tricks€¦oh, I mean download new apps. According to reports, more than half of American smartphone owners download exactly zero apps per month.

Unsurprisingly, the most app-friendly demographic in the US is comprised of millennials who are said to spend around 67 of their digital media time using smartphone apps. They are also more willing to try out new apps. In fact, they are actually willing to pay for them as well and nearly 50 percent make five or more in-app purchases every year.

Let’s take a closer look at the mobile apps that the millennials are most interested in. The millennials are an age group defined by people aged between 18 and 34. And although the group heavily depends on social media to communicate from anytime and anywhere they want, they also rely on functional apps that offer them more convenience.

Read on to find out which apps the millennials are downloading and why they find it so amazing.

Apps for millennials!


Surprisingly, the app that is the most popular amongst millennials is Amazon. Despite being connected to social media all day (and night), most young adults claim they can’t live without having Amazon installed on their phone.

The reason: According to Pam Drucker, Conde Nast’s chief marketing officer, “Users are looking for speed, efficiency, and convenience, and Amazon hits all those buckets.”

Buying online allows the young generation to get feedback from other users. It offers them versatility and convenience to shop for anything and everything from one platform.


The young lot loves taking selfies and sharing them on social media as well. In fact, a Google study reveals that an average youth clicks 14 selfies per day. Well, Snapchat makes it easy for them to talk to their friends, send them fun selfies, and share activities and thoughts.

Snapchat allows users to create stories and add fun filters to the images. Most users claim that the story feature allows them to feel more connected with their friends as well.


Facebook has more than 2 billion active monthly users and is one of the most popular apps of today. The reason, well I don’t think it needs much explanation. Facebook is easy to use and allows users to share images, posts, and communicate with friends and family members from all over the world. Thanks to Facebook, we never miss out on any updates.


There is always a need for transport and sometimes the public transportation doesn’t make the cut. For this Uber is the perfect solution as it allows users to call for a car and pay through mobile devices. By tapping a few buttons on the mobile screen, the app notifies you of any nearby cars available and how long it will take to reach the passenger. Most importantly, Uber allows users to track their specific car which makes it a completely safe mode of transportation.


Millennials do everything digitally. And when it comes to dating, well, that’s also done on a digital platform. The Big Barn World is a free social app which allows users to search nearby and find new friends, chat with them, share photos and videos, and even play a highly engaging social farming game. You can also search for users to chat with from around the world.


Spotify combines the two things most millennials can’t live without – music and social media. The app can be used to create playlists and share with them friends. Although, the app is free to download – a premium account (without ads) can also be purchased for a reasonable cost.


The young generation craves for food at the oddest times. When cooking a nice meal at home is not an option, Seamless can come to the rescue. The app offers food delivery from many US restaurants and brings food straight to work, home, and even the library. So the next time you have the hunger pangs, make sure to check out Seamless.


Timehop accounts for more than 67% millennial users. Timehop is an app that gives you a chance to relive your memories. Wondering what happened on a particular day, two years ago? Well, just go to Timehop and see your old Facebook posts, Foursquare check-ins, iCloud pictures and a lot more.


Wouldn’t you just love to manage your money and expenses in the most convenient way? Well, Mint offers the perfect solution. With Mint, the users not only keep track of their earnings and expenses but even pay bills and manage their budgets. Mint is free to use and claims to have 66% millennial users.

Which one would you choose?

The Apple Store, Windows Store and Google Play Store have over 3 million apps to offer and the numbers keep growing. The above mentioned were just some of the apps millennials are known to have installed on their mobile phones and use regularly. These apps have made lives easier for many of us and apart from enhancing communication and convenience, the popular apps are used as a creative outlet by many of the young generation. Check them out. They are worth a download. And once you do, you will be glad you read this article.

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