Top 6 Ways to Save Money on Your Mobile Phone Plan

Boris Dzhingarov
September 2, 2019

In the 21st century, everyone needs a cell phone. We use our phones for business, for contacting our friends and family, for organization – how do you find the best AU mobile data plan? How can you save money each month?

Stick to Simple

Many cell phone plans remain unnecessarily complication. Why? The fine print and hidden fees make it difficult to figure out who has the best cell phone plan. Stick to simple plans that have everything listed in plain sight. If you don’t understand what you are signing, then don’t sign it.

Go Pre Paid

Often the more complicated post-paid plans have hidden charges and fees, though sometimes they do offer less expensive rates. However, many consumers regret getting locked into contracts that cost them too much per month. Prepaid contracts give you control over costs long-term.

  • With pre-paid contracts:
  • Have more control over your monthly bill
  • Change plans at any time
  • Recharge your phone quickly with on your device
  • Avoid lock-in contracts
  • Choose from a variety of phones
  • Avoid hidden fees and surcharges

Pre-paid contracts work best for individuals that use the phone socially or locally. If you run a high-end international business, you might need to look into the specifics of your pre-paid plan. Not all plans have international roaming. You may need to add those features. Speak to your mobile phone plan representative.

Monitor Your Usage

Most plans will allow you to check your usage if you have limited data. This is helpful if you stream a lot of media like movies and music. If you primarily text or call on your phone you probably will not have issues with data. Some plans allow unlimited data. Choose unlimited data if you run a business and rely on using your phone for a video conference or sending and receiving large files like video files.

Choose the Plan That You Need

This might seem basic, but only choose a plan that has the features that you need. If your phone plan allows for international calls for a fee but you only call locally, then save yourself the monthly fee. If you only use your phone casually or this is a secondary phone, you probably do not need an expensive plan. On the other hand, if you use your phone for business or share the plan with your family, then be sure to find the plan that gives you the right amount of data that you need for the price within your budget. You don’t want to find that you have a large fee each month because your teens have been sending thousands of memes each day.

Read the Terms and Conditions

Don’t sign up before reading the terms. You want to make sure that you aren’t surprised when you receive your bill at the end of the month. This is likely with many long-term post-paid contracts.


Finally, newer smartphones have built-in Wi-Fi access. Check to see if your phone does. If so, then you can simply use hotspots instead of the network, saving you on data in the long run. Follow these simple steps to save money each month on your cell phone. Use your phone worry free!

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