3 Life-Changing Technological Advancements

Anne Davis
September 2, 2019

New technology is being created and released all the time. There are normal everyday items such as cell phones, smart televisions, lightweight laptops that can lock with a touch of a fingertip, vehicles that will break to protect us, and gadgets we all love and depend on. When we think of technology we think of the sci fi movies or we dream of futuristic ideas. However, there has been major advances in other areas that aren’t so widely known. Here are some new innovations that help our lives everyday:

1. Medical breakthroughs. Medicine is a field that continues to change and amaze each of us. From surgeries performed by robotic hands, new medications formulated to cure diseases, to implants that can improve and change the course of someone’s life these advancements have come very far in a short amount of time. Someone can now pick up their cell phone and speak to a doctor in only a few minutes no matter where they are. Each of us have access to more education and help than ever before.  

2. Agricultural advancements. Today’s life as a farmer is vastly different from before. There are automated irrigation systems, scales for feeding livestock or measuring crops, and even simpler things meant to protect our land from erosion, such as erosion control blankets. If you’ve never heard of them, check out this page for more info: Erison is an issue most farmers, landscapers, and homeowners face. Erosion control blankets help to cover any bare land and sure the soil stays where it belongs

3. Education and instructional growth. We all have a teacher that touched our lives. Some of us can remember chalkboards or overhead projectors being used in the classrooms. It was always going to be a fun day when the teacher rolled in the huge television for us all to watch a VHS. Today’s classroom looks completely different. There are the obvious changes such as laptops but also there have been smaller changes that make an impact on the way our children learn today. One of the most impressive changes are alternative seating options. Children are always on the go. Some of our kids have a hard time staying still.  These chairs allow the kids to move, fidget and feel comfortable throughout their day. Sometimes it really is the small things that make the biggest difference. 

 Technology is all around us. Information is infinite and easily accessed, cars can park themselves, and we can watch our home from our cell phones. It is truly amazing how many advances we are afforded. It is important to also take notice at the smaller things too. From a child getting their nervous energy out in a wiggly chair at school, erosion control blankets helping farmers and homeowners worry less about rain or wind, to the amazing breakthroughs the medical field has conquered.  We live in a world full of greatness. Try to take the time to appreciate and realize how many small and big things help your life every day. What is the one advancement you are most thankful for? 

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