Tips To Care For Your New iPhone

Daniel Clark
September 18, 2019

We are in the digital age where all most all of us are hooked on our mobile devices like phones and tabs. We have it while we are travelling, in the office, while at home, during lunch & dinner, even when on a trip. The reason being a mobile is much more than just a device to answer a phone call; there are innumerable apps on a mobile device that can come in handy for many different tasks. There is an app to navigate in a vehicle, apps to help in the kitchen and even to help when on an outing.

Since we use this device all times of the day, in many different locations and many different circumstances it is essential to take proper care of it to avoid a visit to a cell phone repair shop in San Francisco. This article goes on to provide tips for iPhone care and how to deal with any issues that arise.

Tips for iPhone Care

  • Always make sure you have a good screen guard to prevent or minimise screen damage.
  • Mobile screen is vulnerable since it can fall and break, there is also the danger of something falling on it.
  • A screen guard will also protect against spills and stains of all kinds.
  • Always place a phone in a safe location and if need to store for a long term; make sure it is switched off prior to placing it in storage.
  • iPhone is waterproof to some extent, however, it is best not to use it around water; it is also spill and splash resistant.

  • To avoid damage due to liquid it is best not to use it in the swimming pool while bathing or exposing it to pressurised water or water flowing at high speed.
  • In the case where you plan to go for a swim, skiing, surfing or similar activity where there are chances of getting wet, it is a good idea to leave the iPhone behind.
  • It is also best to avoid testing the iPhone by submerging in water, or using it in a sauna, etc.
  • Avoid operating an iPhone outside the operating temperatures as specified in the manual. For example, the iPhone will overheat if operated in high temperature and will most certainly shut down, the same will occur in extremely humid conditions. It is best to prevent such a situation and avoid going to a cell phone repair shop in San Francisco.
  • All of us have a certain level of curiosity however, this is extremely high in many and hence there are those who like to open their iPhone themselves and explore what’s inside. This is highly inadvisable since it can damage the phone.
  • Phones tend to get dirty since they are used at every moment of the day in just about every location. It is thus a good idea to give an occupational wipe with a special cloth and special spray cleaner if possible.
  • The best practice for good battery life is to not allow the battery to die completely; instead, charge it when it gets low.

What to when iPhone has Problems?

No matter how much you care for your mobile it can go bad due to some or the other reason. It might be because someone else dropped it or it might be because it was misused by someone. The good news is that are iPhone screen repair shops in San Francisco to repair a broken screen. There can be other issues as well, for example, the phone may not start after being splashed or dropped in water or the sound from the speaker appears to be muffled. Visiting a cell phone repair San Francisco can fix such issues.

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