Our Top 5 Choices For Mobile Banking Apps

James Wood
September 18, 2019

Finding a banking app that works for you is never easy, particularly as they all have different interest rates and bonuses for joining, but there are some out there that offer a number of benefits to your customers. Though it may seem tempting to opt for affordable same day loans to help you make ends meet, they should be used for financial emergencies only. Therefore, alternative funding will be needed to help you cover your monthly costs. In this article, we will be looking into some mobile banking apps that can help you to save more money easier.


Starling is similar to that of a traditional bank as they allow you to have both a business and personal account completely controlled through your mobile. You can also have joint accounts and European accounts for travelling and all your major banking needs. With the ability to lock the account as well as 24-hour customer service 7 days a week, this is the perfect bank for you and your needs. Due to the nature of the bank, there is also full integration with both Apple and Google pay giving you the ability to have cardless payments easily.


Managing your money has never been easier with Monzo as you can save and pay your direct debits with ease from your mobile. Monzo also allows you to travel with ease and convert money into foreign currencies without having to visit the post office or traditional bank. Monzo works for you allowing you to save, spend withdraw and borrow with ease. You can have more than one bank account all saved to your phone allowing you to manage two or more accounts on the go all under one app.


In terms of traditional apps, it is Natwest that comes out as one of the front runners. With streamlined user experience, increased security and a number of clear tabs and online statement options, you have complete control over your finances. In addition to this, there is 24-hour customer service online as well as an advisor in the bank to provide you with money advice as well as any additional information that you may need when looking into the accounts that you can use. Whether it is a student account or savings accounts, this will help you to manage your finances in a streamlined way.


Another traditional bank application that is worth a place on this list is HSBC. With a number of login features as well as a vast amount of management options, your money can be managed with ease either on desktop or a mobile device. This is beneficial to those that are travelling constantly as the application is stable, allowing you to log into the app whenever you need to monitor your finances and whilst knowing that all your personal information is kept as secure as possible every single time you log on through your Wi-Fi or 4g connection.

Lloyds Bank

The final app that is worth a mention on this list is the Lloyds app. With a streamlined transactional functionality, a number of login options and a high level of security, this is one of the best apps ranked in a recent study. With a rating of 76 out of 100 this is a clear favourite with a number of people and has high reviews on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Whether you are looking to make the switch to mobile banking, or you are beginning to manage your finances using your mobile phone, the possibilities are endless.

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