What Do You Need to Know about Instagram’s New Features?

Junaid Ali Qureshi
August 6, 2018

Instagram is one social media platform that helped promote e-commerce development. Its level of influence on individuals is clearly obvious considering the rate at which its subscribers have grown ever since its inception. It is a very interactive social media platform where influential individuals connect with their fans without really having any real connection with them. I know the previous sentence does sound confusing but Instagram helps celebrities keep in touch with their fans without necessarily been close. Almost every corporate organization whose website is managed by a web development company has an official Instagram page to help promote their brand. Like any good company, Instagram constantly updates it services based on customer feedback so that their subscribers are provided with nothing other than the best of services.

2018 has been no different as Instagram has added a number of new exciting features while also modifying the old ones. Below are some of the new feature in Instagram intended to promote a user-friendly experience.

Scheduled Post

You no longer have to take a break from your business schedule or even have your mobile phone on hand to be able to post on Instagram. You don’t even have to use push notifications to post on your Instagram profile. All you need do is schedule the time you want to post it and let Instagram do the rest. This is very important for business owners when it comes to promoting their business.


Instagram’s new update has empowered its users against online harassment and bullying with its anti-cyberbullying feature. The new Instagram update has the ability to hide accounts that post or promote hate speech. This feature will help protect users from posts and comments that seem like attacks or threats to the user’s well-being, character or help.

Mute Account

Prior to this time, Instagram featured the ability to stop seeing some post from accounts you follow without having to stop following that account. This has been of great help as you are able to censor thing that appears on your timeline without creating enemies. They have taken it a step further by giving you the ability to mute such accounts. In other words, you now have the ability to stop the post of accounts you follow from appearing in your timeline totally as against the previous feature whereby you have to click on the specific post.

Repost Old Post and Turn Them to Ads

Like I mentioned earlier, Instagram has helped with ecommerce development and this new update is definitely falling in line. Using this new update you can now promote your business through your post by turning them into Ads. This feature is even available to old posts, hence, you can relive your old post by reposting them and turn your Instagram Business Profile into online shops. With this new update, you don’t have to consult a web development company for a website as your Instagram business profile has got you covered.

Location Suggestion

The update on Instagram now gives you the feature of adding locations close to your location. In other words, if add the location of where the picture or video you posted was taken, Instagram will suggest nearby locations to your location. This will help promote your post to individuals in that location as well as its environs, which may increase the chances of your post been seen as well as increasing your followers. This will help promote your business, as you will be able to reach more audiences.

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