How parking apps could be making you spare cash

Katherine Rowland
July 18, 2019

It’s always great to discover a simple way to make a bit of extra money. You may be thinking this sounds too good to be true. But in the case of parking apps, it is absolutely true and a fantastic opportunity to earn some spare cash.

If you have a spare driveway, parking space or lock-up garage just sitting there vacant, you are missing out. Parking spaces are at a premium, particularly in busy city streets. With the help of a parking app, you could very easily be using that vacant space to make a tidy amount of cash. You just need to figure out how often your parking space, driveway or lock-up garage is free and then register with a parking app to start renting it out to other drivers.

Renting out unused space makes a lot of sense. Not only is it beneficial to you by helping you earn a simple extra income, but it also helps to keep congestion down and is good for the environment. If drivers have booked a parking space in advance, then they are not wasting time driving around looking for a parking space. This cuts down on the amount of unnecessary traffic in your area and reduces air pollution.

If you are out at work all day during the week, rather than leaving your driveway or parking space sitting empty, you could be using it to bring in an additional income. Think about the location of your parking space. Is it somewhere people could park to walk into the town centre? Is it close by to a major sporting venue? Are there businesses based nearby where people may be travelling for meetings?

Parking in city centres is in high demand and you can charge more for renting out space that is highly sought after. If there are residential parking restrictions in place on your street, drivers may find it difficult to find a convenient parking space in this area and be willing to pay a fee to book a suitable spot. Parking spaces in areas around airports are also popular. By listing your unused space, you could earn up to £400 per month.

You may find that there is a higher demand for your parking spot at certain times of the year. For example, parking spots near an airport may be more popular during the summer when holidaymakers are looking for somewhere safe to leave their car. Another example is music festivals – if you have a spare parking space in or around Glastonbury, you are likely to find that it is always booked up over a certain weekend in June.

The better the location of your space and the more space you have available, the more money you could potentially earn from renting it out. Drivers much prefer to have a guaranteed space waiting for them rather than leaving it to chance. This makes the whole parking experience much less stressful. It also removes any worries about checking for parking restrictions in the area, as drivers will know that they are entitled to park in the space they have rented.

When you register with a parking app, make sure that you put some effort into making your listed parking space attractive to drivers. Think about any unique selling points. Mention the excellent location of your parking spot and any nearby attractions that drivers may want to visit.

Make sure that your parking space is well-described. The more information you offer to drivers, the easier it is for them to make the decision to rent your space. Drivers tend to book parking spaces based on three key factors; location, price and user reviews. After drivers have booked your space once, they are more likely to choose repeat bookings if they have had a good experience.

YourParkingSpace offers the opportunity to list your space for free. With 350,000 monthly users and with parking spaces available in over 50 cities around the UK, YourParkingSpace has the ability to reach out to a wide customer base of drivers who could potentially rent your space. It takes moments to register with YourParkingSpace and you can then start to watch the bookings roll in.

You can download the innovative YourParkingSpace app, which enables you to put parking in the palm of your hand. With over 250,000 parking spaces available in towns and cities across the country, including London, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, Liverpool, Edinburgh and Bristol, YourParkingSpace is a brand that customers know they can trust to meet their parking needs. Register with YourParkingSpace and you could soon be sharing your spaces with thousands of drivers, netting you a simple second income.

The first step is to create your listing with YourParkingSpace. It is completely free to do this. You are able to set your pricing, preferences, and state when space is available. You can also upload photographs of your driveway, parking space or lock-up garage. Once you have done this, your space will be available for drivers to view and select. Drivers who are seeking a parking spot will search the database of YourParkingSpace and can book your spot for a specific date and time period. You will get a notification in advance of the booking by text and email.

Think carefully about how much you would like to charge for renting out your driveway, parking space or lock-up garage. If you set your prices too high, drivers may not choose to book your space. But you also don’t want to be setting your prices too low and missing out on some well-deserved cash. YourParkingSpace offers a recommended pricing tool that can help you to ensure that your listing is competitive for the location of your space.

YourParkingSpace handles all the transactions for bookings on your behalf. Every month, YourParkingSpace deposits the earnings from your driveway, parking space or lock-up garage directly into your bank account. Rental payments can be paid vid PayPal or bank transfer. You can select your preferred payment method. All rental payments are paid out on the first business day of the following month. You remain in control of your space and can choose to pause your listing at any time.

No need to worry if your space requires a permit to park there. You are still able to list your spot with YourParkingSpace. When you create your listing, you will be asked if your parking space requires a permit. Simply select ‘yes’ and you will be prompted to enter any other necessary information.

There are currently over 30,000 individuals within the space owner community of YourParkingSpace. All are listing their space on YourParkingSpace for free. YourParkingSpace makes our money by charging a 20% fee to the driver on top of the price that you set. This offers benefits to both the space owners, who are able to make spare cash from their unused parking spot and the drivers, who are able to book a convenient, affordable parking space in advance.

You can be assured that none of your private information is released to a driver until their booking has been placed and paid for. The driver then receives your details and YourParkingSpace passes on their details to you in return, just in case you need to get in touch.

Make sure you keep your availability calendar up to date so that drivers can only make bookings when your space is free. However, if for any reason, you need to cancel a booking because you need your space at that time, you can contact the support team at YourParkingSpace to sort this out.

There are many other parking apps available, but YourParkingSpace offers advantages that others don’t. YourParkingSpace is the only platform in the UK that gives space owners the choice of renting out their driveway, parking space or lock-up garage on an hourly, daily or monthly basis. This gives you plenty of flexibility to choose when you would like to rent out your space.

The long-term parking option is particularly popular as it means that space owners have the ability to receive a consistent cash flow from their parking space. Long term bookings tend to be made by professionals working in the area or local residents who do not have access to their own parking space.

Short term bookings can be made by anyone. Drivers may be attending a concert or sporting event. They may be visiting the town centre for a spot of shopping, or they may be sightseeing and visiting local points of interest.

YourParkingSpace also offers fantastic customer support. With a 5-star TrustPilot rating, YourParkingSpace has a dedicated customer support hotline available so you can easily get support with anything you need.

So, don’t let that driveway, parking space or lock-up garage sit idle for a moment longer. It takes only minutes to register. You can then sit back and watch as the bookings start rolling in. Join the space owner community of YourParkingSpace today and start earning an easy extra income in no time.


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